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We are all searching for the fountain of youth. When we were young we did not wake up with aches and pains. We did not worry about frown lines or crows feet when we were five. We did not think that a walk to the office could fill our cells with pollutants that would cause our skin to look sallow. All we thought about was learning about the world.

As an adult you know that you have to take care of your skin, muscles and skeleton. But how? How many invasive treatments do you need to try? What about the side effects?

The answer is none.

The answer is massage therapy for health.

What is Decompression Massage Therapy?
Treating the soft tissue with alternating pressure to increase blood flow will help to:

  • Reduce toxic build-up
  • Cell rejuvenation
  • Restoration of elasticity to the skin
  • Restoration of subcutaneous tissue

DMT has been used for years to treat the body. With its introduction to the medical community, DMT is growing in popularity thanks to its proven benefits. To find out how Decompression Massage Therapy can work for you contact us at 281-596-8354.

DMT Health is located at 1628 Beaconshire Road, Houston, Texas.

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